Make Decisions Quickly


Dear Eliana,

Deciding things sucks. Taking forever to decide things sucks more. For me, my mind gets uber-cluttered when trying to hone in on key information to make decisions. I play out every scenario that could happen.

I used to believe I needed all the information possibly available to decide on something important. But that’s a fool’s path. There’s no end to information you can seek about anything.

What I’ve learned is that it’s important to be able to make decisions without all the information you feel like you need. And to do it quickly.

Deciding simplifies things.

Making a decision with mostly good information is enough to eliminate all the mind-clutter leading up to the decision and to determine the very next action required.

Will you make wrong decisions? Yes. But you would have made them anyway, and you can always change course.

Waiting and perpetual info gathering doesn’t prevent mistakes. It prolongs your stress.

Every major decision of my life has followed this pattern of mind-clutter and stress build-up leading to THE DECISION, followed by instant relief once committed to a decision and identifying my next step.

Deciding quickly eliminates the clutter and allows you to stay in “the relief zone” which is where you’ll be most productive…

…which is the whole purpose of deciding something anyway.

Love you,